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Supporting creative businesses in Ghana

Did you know that I love supporting other small creative businesses in Ghana? In the past I’ve supported basket weavers, beaded sandals makers, batakari cloth weavers and bead jewellery makers from all across Ghana and indeed neighbouring countries.  And I feel that it’s even more important for me to support these businesses now due to the huge impact that the current state of the world has had on them. Most of the creatives that I support are students who are recent university graduates but are unable to find jobs in their field of study. They have reframed this lack of opportunity as a challenge and have begun creating handmade crafts as a way to make ends meet. This means that...

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Batakari woven fabrics

I am excited to soon be able to begin working with Batakari fabrics.  Batakari are strong hand-woven fabrics from the Northern Region of Ghana. The fabrics come in various colours and can be augmented with authentic traditional designs. My excitement is such that I almost find it difficult to know where to start! Well ok I do actually have a few ideas for perhaps a warm beautiful coat and a scarf and tote bag to go with. And perhaps a few more ...  

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