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Emerald & Wax Designs

Solasta Kimono Jacket

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The Solasta Kimono Jacket is made from Batakari or Fugu’ fabrics that are really very special and distinctive. These gorgeous fabrics are hand-woven from strong and thick strips of cotton threads constructed on large looms in the Northern region of Ghana.

This process has been mainly dominated by women for close to a hundred years. These fabrics are part of our sustainably sourced, ethically produced, progressive range which has been carefully constructed for its comfortable and stylish design.

Details such as the tiny spaces, sometimes speckles and pulls at the seams where each panel is sewn together are a natural part of the fabric, adding a unique charm and distinct personality to the finished product. Each piece will have its own story.


Large Side Pocket.

Belt w/ Loops

Wide Statement Sleeves.

Generously made to fit up to size EU 16.

Handmade in Galway, Ireland.

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