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Emerald & Wax Designs

Blissful Swing Jacket

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Our newest design, the Blissful Jacket is made for you to wear with joy. Made intentionally to make the wearer not only to feel astoundingly beautiful but also to look magnificent.

The Blissful jacket is vintage-inspired, designed with a swing dipped back, high collar, straight sleeves and wide side pockets. This is so far our favorite meba embroidered fabric selection for this collection.

Meba is a cotton base heavy fabric, machine embroidered patterns and is laced with silver or gold thread running through it for a bit of glitz. These intricate and stunning fabrics are well known in Ghanaian community as the fabric to wear in style to many fun occasions. 

Details: Please note that both "Thrilling" and " Astonishing" Jackets are lined.

Available is EU sizes 10 - 14.


Sizes 16 and 18 can be made in selected fabrics please contact us via email to inquire.

Handmade in Galway, Ireland

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